Artist's Statement - Steppin Razor Art

Although creative expression was a constant part of my life, I came formally to art later. My background is in Theoretical Chemistry and I developed a career as a computer programmer. My art does not leverage science directly, but I do use it to allow me to imagine, plan, and execute projects. I find an understanding of the physical world to be invaluable.

I came from a difficult family environment with mental illness, abuse, suicide, addiction, and early death. These things have allowed me to see things around me in a different light. Something I try to take advantage of in my art pieces. The idea is to learn to celebrate the beauty around us because of the obvious fleeting nature of it all. This could be the spectrum of colors in a sunset or simply the shapes in a melting snowbank.

My influences range from the Pre-Raphaelites with their intense colors and active storytelling, Abstract Expressionism with it’s freedom, Bernini’s fantastic expression of form, early Rothko and his focus on color, and extending to modern Street Art and it’s anarchy.

One of my main goals is to bring focused complex arrangements of colors applied to pleasing forms. The experience of a color is very different from individual to individual and changes with emotional state. My personal experiences with color are very intense and learning to express that to others is my mission. I take heart in this goal from Kandinsky and his synesthesia.

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