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Artist's Statement

Every artist has to find their path. I believe that science and math taught me my artistic base and over time I have learned to apply that to my artwork. I believe in finding the uncommon in the common. Things overlooked often have great beauty but our brain simply filters this out.

The property of beauty is a contract between the object, the viewer, and greater society. A failure of any leg renders beauty defenseless. Because of their beauty, lowers are an important design element for me.  They are a substitute for people in my compositions.   Flowers  express much the same beauty, texture, and color that people do.

This is an expression of my sense of isolation from society. I am a viewer operating from outside of what is happening around me, and not a participant.

I breathe in color. I reveal with color. Not muted soft tones or formulaic “rules”, but punchy color balanced on the edge of a knife. This is to coupled with the idea of catching a moment in time. The dynamic of the piece is the frozen moment in time which is expressed with a taut color palette. The creates a stack of tension and a sense of voyeurism. “Should I look at this.”

                                                                                                            Sean O’Connor

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