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Artist's Statement

Culture tries to define beauty, but the definition is limited and flawed.  Nature knows no such distinctions.  There is great beauty in the ordinary.  I seek to uncover that common beauty in the discarded and unnoticed.

My art is about being disenfranchised and all the emotions that brings up.  I am often a spectator and sense my disconnection from the world.  I use this lens to see things from a unique perspective.

Time flows and flows without remorse dragging us kicking and screaming.  What if it could be paused?  Art has the power to catch a moment.  This is something I seek to portray.  A moment, brief, but speaking volumes.

My techniques are a combination of props, photography, math, and Photoshop.  I bring a language of punchy color to create life in a composition and emphasize things extraordinary.


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